Coco Orange Lip Balm


Facilitates comfort in the case of dry, chapped and blistered lips.
Helps in the removal of tan and darkness from the lips. Shea Butter
Promotes shiny and healthy lips.

    1. Take a small amount of balm on your finger
    2.  Apply on your lips gently..
    3. Use it twice a day for better result….


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Natural food-grade Cocoa provides a long-lasting pleasant fragrance and taste. The lip balm is free from all harmful toxins such as SLES, petroleum jelly, paraben, silicones, artificial fragrances or color. Shea butter contains Vitamin A and E, both of which soothes and moisturizes chapped lips.

HELLO MEN LIP BALM helps to Nourish super-delicate lips for a plump, youthful-looking pout. Lips can be dry because of a variety of reasons from cold weather, lack of water intake, dry air or excessive licking, correspondingly that is when lips need an external source of conditioning. This Coco Lip Balm is an excellent hydrating ointment that helps lips retain moisture, nourished, soft and smooth. It is made with natural ingredients.


    • Soothes Chapped Lips
    • Heals Cracked and Sore lips
    • Makes Lips, Soft, Smooth &Supple
    • Locks In Moisture For Long



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