Dark Spot Reduction Creme


A breakthrough skin care specifically developed for
men’s skin. It contains UV filters and licorice extract
that reduce dark spots.


    1. Take a small amount of cream onto your finger.
    2.  Apply on your face gently.
    3. Use it everyday for better result…


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Advanced Non-sticky Formula with Herbal Actives Specifically developed for men’s skin including UV Filters and licorice extract that reduce dark spots.
The main cause of Dark Spots is the Melanin deposition, which leads to dark patches. HELLO

MEN DARK SPOT REDUCTION CREAM works by controlling the melanin synthesis in the skin. This, in turn, prevents black patches and prevents skin from looking dull.

Apart from reducing dark spots and blemishes, it also claims to improve your skin texture and make it bright. This product will nourish and refine skin, lighten dark spots, and smooth pores.


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