Red Wine Shampoo


A Rich Shampoo That Makes Hair Shinier. Wine Extract Is An
Excellent Source Of Antioxidants That Increase Blood Circulation
In The Scalp Thus Promoting Hair Growth. Ingredients Helps
Fight Dandruff And Also Makes Hair Soft And Shiny.


    1. Take a small amount of Shampoo
    2. And spread it on your Hair during shower
    3. Then, rub the evenly from the underside of the hair.
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Red Wine Shampoo

 Whether you’re relaxing with friends or catching up on family gossip, a glass of red wine always makes it exciting. But, if you are not an ardent wine drinker, there are other ways to take advantage of its nourishing qualities as well.


Wine shampoos are prepared using black grapes. The grape extracts present in the shampoo enriches your hair and makes it soft and shiny. Moreover, red wine contains Resveratrol which helps to prevent hair fall. It is a great Hair Shampoo.


Promotes Hair Growth 

Wine is a great source of antioxidant. When applied on scalp and hair, it increases blood circulation to head, which in turn increases hair growth. You can use it every day without worrying about any hair damage. This wine shampoo will leave your hair softer after each wash.



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